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Celtic Jewellery

Discover a magnificent collection of sterling silver, solid gold or gold plated jewellery. Discover Toulhoat and Kelt jewellery brands, makers of Celtic and Breton jewellery. Right here, Bzh-Boutique presents you the largest range of celtic and breton jewellery.



  • Rings and bands

    Rings, signet rings, wedding bands in genuine solid silver or gold. Celtic representations such as the Triskel, Trinity knot and traditional knotwork, but also contemporary and natural designs, with gems, some with encrusted semi-precious stones. Discover the excellence and heritage illustrated through these Celtic craftsmen in our selection of rings, signet rings and wedding bands.

  • Bangles & Bracelets

    Solid silver bangles & bracelets created by Pierre Toulhoat. La maison Toulhoat has quickly become the benchmark for Celtic jewellery in Brittany. Toulhoat, above all others, truly represents the Celtic and natural heritage of this beautiful part of France!

  • Pendants

    Discover the most beautiful collection of Breton and Celtic pendants from the House of Toulhoat. Once again, Pierre Toulhoat demontrates his talent making his products available to you at Bzh-Boutique.

  • Medallion pendants

    Discover this beautiful range of religious medallion pendants from la maison Toulhoat.  Pierre Toulhoat brings us his marvelous talent offering his products online at Bzh-Boutique

  • Celtic Crosses

    An amazing range of Celtic crosses that La Maison Toulhoat makes available to you at Bzh-Boutique. Once again, Pierre Toulhoat demonstrates his talent by offering you his products at Bzh-Boutique.

  • Religious Crosses

    Discover this beautiful collection of religious crosses from the La Maison Toulhoat. Once again, Pierre Toulhoat demonstrates his talent by offering you his products at Bzh-Boutique

  • Earrings

    Enjoy our selection of Celtic and Breton earrings here at Bzh-Boutique. Discover in depth Celtic motifs and symbols throughout these timeless jewellery designs.

  • Celtic Brooches

    Exquisite collection of Celtic brooches by La maison Toulhoat available to you at Bzh-Boutique. Once again, Pierre Toulhoat demonstrates his phenomenal talent right here, see his work at Bzh-Boutique

  • Necklaces

    Find the Celtic necklace of your dreams at Bzh-Boutique. These exquisite and timeless solid silver Celtic necklaces are benched by some of the most revered Breton artisans.

  • Chains & Cords

    These solid silver or gold chains can also be worn with the Celtic pendants available at Bzh-boutique. You'll also find our adjustable leather and solid silver cords here.

  • Yellow and white solid Gold

    Please discover our amazing ranges of solid 18 carat yellow as well as 18 carat white gold jewellery primarily from within the beautifully handcrafted Pierre Toulhoat range. You will find triskel pendants, timeless celtic and religious crosses , medallions and rings, plain bands and exceptional wedding or eternity bands.  Necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings. 
    All Toulhoat jewellery is hand made in Brittany, just 15 km from our premises at Bzh-Boutique.

  • Miscellaneous

    An amazing selection of miscellaneous jewellery ideas by Pierre Toulhoat. Cuff links, tie clips, and much more. 

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