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Rings and bands

Rings, signet rings, wedding bands in genuine solid silver or gold. Celtic representations such as the Triskel, Trinity knot and traditional knotwork, but also contemporary and natural designs, with gems, some with encrusted semi-precious stones. Discover the excellence and heritage illustrated through these Celtic craftsmen in our selection of rings, signet rings and wedding bands.



  • Wedding bands

    Celtic and Breton hand crafted wedding bands for traditional unions in solid gold and silver. When you choose a gold band by Toulhoat, engraving comes free of charge.

  • Celtic and Breton

    Celtic and Breton rings by Toulhoat and other designer-artisans in genuine gold and silver, Celtic knotwork, triskels, trinity knots, fleurs de lys, ermine heraldry, spirals.

  • Nature

    Nature's designs for each one of your fingers. Jewellery by Pierre Toulhoat and other creators working in solid gold and silver. A true feast in ring design, bands and signet rings influenced by sea shells, flowers, birds. Engraving available (Free of charge)  on gold rings from Toulhoat .

  • Contemporary

    Contemporary rings, signet rings and wedding bands, featuring designer /maker Toulhoat and other craftsmen working in solid gold and silver. A totally original range of contemporary designs and styles showcasing only the best of Brittany.

  • Stone set

    Stone set rings, bands, signet rings and wedding bands by Pierre Toulhoat and other artists in solid gold and silver with amethyst, topaz, garnet, lapis lazuli, onyx, agate, carnelian, hematite.

  • Signet rings

    Signet rings with Celtic, Breton, contemporary and religious symbols in solid gold and silver.

  • Open (adjustable)

    Open adjustable rings and bands. This jewellery adapts to your finger instantly. In solid silver and gold.

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